You're Making Your Daily Smoothie Wrong!

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Mar 24, 2017 6:07:10 PM


Starting a daily smoothie habit seems pretty easy, but you need way more than a bag full of ingredients, a blender, some fancy straws and ice to start improving your health by drinking smoothies. Not all green smoothies are created equal! Just because you are starting with whole ingredients and blending them into a tropical-dream beverage, that doesn’t guarantee good results. Avoid these common blunders and you will be on your way to reaching your weight-loss goals!

  • Not starting with high quality ingredients. Look for fruits and veggies that are high quality, don’t cheat and opt for canned fruits that often have tons of extra sugars. Fresh is always best, with frozen being a good option for fruits that aren’t in season. You can even use fruits that are a little bruised in your smoothie (you won’t ever know!) and consider choosing pre-prepped fruit because it will make this habit easier to commit to.
  • Using a high fat or sugary base. It can be really tempting to use a sugary or high fat base like juice or full fat coconut milk, but try to avoid this temptation. If you make your smoothie right, you don’t need this (except for a special treat). Use almond milk, coconut water, or water as your base.
  • Thinking of your smoothie like dessert. Of course you want your smoothie to taste delicious, who doesn’t? However, make sure you aren’t exclusively using high-sugar fruits like pineapple, apples, and bananas. Variety is key, and don’t forget, you can sneak a veggie or two into your smoothie and you probably won’t notice. In addition to your regular greens, try throwing in a cucumber, some cauliflower or a few beets.
  • Skipping thickener. Using a creamy thickener just makes your smoothie more enjoyable, but adds crucial nutrients. Adding a banana, avocado, peaches, a bit of greek yogurt, or chia seeds helps to add some heft to your smoothie.
  • Leaving out sources of fiber and protein. Both fiber and protein help you to feel full which is a huge benefit of adding smoothies to your diet. You can add fiber by using flax seeds (just make sure they are ground), oats, fruits like apples, and nuts. You can get protein a few different ways. We love using Terra’s Kitchen Nutrient-Rich Protein Powder or almond butter as easy ways to pump up the protein.
  • Throwing everything in your blender all at once. This is a sure way to end up with a smoothie that isn’t completely blended and you might even break your blender if you aren’t careful. We suggest starting with your greens and liquid base, blending until smooth, and then adding fruit and then ice. This way you won’t have any stringy, leafy pieces. Yuck!
  • Using too much ice. The point of drinking a smoothie is to get tons of nutrients and refuel or replace a meal. If your smoothie is mostly ice, you might be hydrating, but you are defeating the purpose.
  • Making the same smoothie every day! Don’t get stuck in a rut making the same thing every day. There are so many simple smoothie recipes out there and a quick search online will bring up tons of blog posts with inspiration. Don’t be afraid to try something new like a spinach and coffee smoothie (trust us!). If your concoction doesn’t turn out the way you hoped, you can always reformulate and add other flavors to even things out.

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